The Personality Development Webinar held by the Technocrat University and IPPRISIA was opened by the Chair of the TP PKK Prov. Lampung

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  • 24 December

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Chairman of the PKK Mobilization Team for Lampung Province Hj. Riana Sari Arinal, SH, opened a Personality Development Webinar organized by the Indonesian Technocrat University in collaboration with the Indonesian Personality Development Association (IPPRISIA), Wednesday (23/12/2020).

On this occasion, Riana Sari really appreciated the Personality Development Webinar with the theme “Building Multicultural National Character and Integrity”.

Riana Sari said that we are currently facing the issue of national identity, as a result of advances in information technology and globalization. The problem of the moral decadence of the younger generation also often occurs in almost all places.

Various policies have been carried out to stem the negative influence of foreign culture. Which if left unchecked will eliminate local culture and wisdom.

Therefore, said the wife of the Governor of Lampung, Arinal Djunaidi, the education curriculum based on character education is expected to be an instrument capable of filtering out bad influences from foreign cultures.

Riana Sari hopes that education does not only produce intelligence. But it should give birth to good character traits.

Therefore, character value education must be carried out and applied from an early age in three environments. The three environments are, the family environment, the school environment and the community environment. This means that the development of national culture and character can only be done through an educational process that cannot be separated from social, community culture and national culture.

The lifestyle changes that are currently afflicting the younger generation, continued this Lampung PAUD Mother, do not have to be addressed by closing themselves off. However, it must be addressed by fortifying self-generation with the character of the Indonesian nation’s identity that emphasizes hospitality, smiling, politeness, mutual cooperation, being religious as well as having better moral integrity.

Riana hopes that this Webinar can open up insights as well as produce recommendations that become solutions in the process of developing Indonesian people for the better in the future.

Meanwhile, Deputy Chancellor I for Academic Affairs at the Indonesian Technocrat University, Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE, MM, expressed his gratitude to the Provincial Government of Lampung, especially the Governor of Lampung who has given support, especially the Indonesian Technocrat University. Of course, it will be an inspiration and motivation for us to continue to carry out education in Lampung Province

According to Mahathir, the current education process is mostly done online. So that it affects the character of the students. Therefore, it is necessary to take steps to shape the character of students.

Mahathir also expressed his gratitude to the DPD IPPRISIA Lampung and the Lampung Provincial Education and Culture Office. Even though the Covid-19 condition is still enthusiastic about giving character education.

“Webinars will inspire all of us. Moreover, Mrs. Riana Sari Arinal was also present at the webinar. May it be i for all of us. Which in this pandemic season we can still be creative to benefit us all, even when we work a lot from home, study at home but don’t sleep. Once again, we express our gratitude to Mrs. Riana Sari who has motivated all of us, especially the younger generation,” said Mahathir.

The webinar presents resource persons, namely; Head of Education and Culture Drs. Sulpakar, MM, represented by Education and Culture Secretary Tommy Efra Handarta, MSi, Dewi Sukmasari, SE, MSA, CA, Akt (Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business, University of Technocrats Indonesia), Yunita Maya Putri, SS, SH, MH (Personality Practitioner) and Tien Yulianti, S.Pd, MPd (Lecturer at the Indonesian Technocrat University).