Vision and Missions

The Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Teknocrat Indonesia (FEB UTI), is one of the faculties within the Universitas Teknocrat Indonesia which was established on January 18, 2017 based on the Decree of the Minister of Research Technology and Higher Education No. 494/KPT/I/2017. Currently FEb UTI organizes 2 study programs consisting of Management and Accounting Study Programs.



To become a Science and Technology Development Center in management, business, and accounting that is superior, supported by information technology at the national level in 2025 and internationally in 2030.


  1. Organizing quality, creative, innovative, professional and ethical education in business management and accounting using information technology.

  2. Conducting research in the field of quality management and educational processes that can hone skills in the accounting field that are useful with the support of scientific developments.

  3. Organizing quality and useful community service (PKM) based on the concepts of management, business, and accounting science.

Destination :

  1. To produce competent management and accounting graduates who are able to understand and solve problems in the field of management and accounting with the support of information technology.
  2. To produce graduates who have high integrity, are creative, innovative and ethical in the fields of management and accounting
  3. Produced research in the field of management and accounting in various quality journals at national and international levels.
  4. The production of research capable of solving current problems and issues in the field of management and accounting that are beneficial to the community at the regional and national levels.
  5. Implementation of professional and applicable community service (PKM) in the fields of management and accounting for the benefit of students.
  6. Produce study program collaboration with external parties in terms of sustainable development so that it can help solve problems related to management and accounting.