Indonesian Technocrat University National Champion of Indonesian Soccer Robot

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  • 28 November

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Bandar Lampung, – The Krakatau FC Team of the Indonesian Technocrat University won the national champion of the Indonesian Football Robot Contest organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture’s Puspresnas, on November 21, 2020. Universitas Teknocrats Indonesia won 2nd Place in the Running Competition Category after defeating Team Ichiro from the Sepuluh November Institute of Technology Surabaya in the round semifinals. In addition, the Technocrat Team also won 3rd place in the Dribbling Competition Category after beating the FC Balerang Team from Batam State Polytechnic.

Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Indonesian Technocrat University, Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. said, “The Krakatau FC team managed to get the national champion, after defeating 15 universities from all over Indonesia,” he said, Monday, November 23 2020.

In the national championship event which was held online by ITB and the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, the Krakatau FC Team managed to run quickly, outperforming other humanoid robots while traversing the competition field, and managed to dribble quickly when dribbling the ball. Then when the robot cooperates, it manages to quickly make a goal ball into the goal.

Mahathir and the Krakatau FC Team feel grateful to be able to win the national champion. Moreover, this year’s Indonesian Football Robot Contest is not easy because it is conducted online. This caused several obstacles, one of which was signal interference, which made the instructions from the judges, such as play instructions (which means start) received late, and finally the robot was running late. But for the robot itself there are no problems. Because before the Indonesian Football Robot Contest took place, the robot had been prepared to the maximum.

The supervisor of the Krakatau FC Team, Maulana Aziz said, there were 4 robots that were entered in the Indonesian Football Robot Contest. Consists of 3 regenerating robots, and 1 new robot. In order to be able to prepare the 4 robots, the Krakatau FC Team had to stay and stay up late in the laboratory. If the robot regenerates, the preparation will not take long. Less than a week the robot was finished.

“The longest is to prepare a new robot. It only takes 1.5 months to manufacture. The longest one is the frame. One part of the frame can take hours, and if it fails, you have to start again from scratch,” said Maulana. It is also necessary to repeat the manufacture when making the frame, suddenly the lights go out, because after the lights come back on, the construction of the frame cannot be continued.

Chancellor of the Indonesian Technocrat University Dr. HM Nasrullah Yusuf, SE., MBA. expressed his gratitude for the achievement of the national champion of the Indonesian Football Robot Contest.

“This national champion proves that, even though there is a COVID-19 pandemic, the enthusiasm for achieving achievements does not subside. I hope that in the future this spirit can be maintained,” said Nasrullah. This national champion is not the first time the Indonesian Technocrat University has won, because every year the Indonesian Technocrat University always gets a national champion.

Preparations for participating in the national championship are very mature. Like training and quarantine. This year, quarantine is limited due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “I advise all students, continue to defend the title of national champion. We can definitely do it. The key is to keep the spirit, discipline, and keep fighting,” said Nasrullah.