Indonesian Technocrat University Students Won Muli Mekhanai Lampung Province 2020

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  • 5 November

Bandarlampung, – A total of five students of the Indonesian Technocrat University, one of the best private universities in Lampung, entered the Grand Final of the Muli – Mekhanai Lampung 2020 election, Friday (10/16/2020) night.

This activity, which was carried out by the Lampung Province Tourism and Creative Economy Office, has selected the best Lampung youth in the field of tourism. From the 2020 Muli-Mekhanai Lampung Election, there were five Indonesian Technocrat University students who were finalists and won a number of categories.

Five students who made achievements in the Election of Muli Mekhanai in Lampung Province, namely; Syifa Nur Irawati Muli Intelligence Lampung 2020. Anggun Selviani Muli Best Advocacy & Runner Up 3 Muli Lampung 2020. Rama Putra Arivia Runner Up 2 Mekhanai Lampung 2020. Denaya Syabilla Fitri S Muli Mekhanai Finalist Lampung Province 2020 and Rino Ramanda Janggayo Muli Mekhanai Finalist Lampung Province 2020.

Meanwhile, Anggun Selviani, a student from the Technocrat University, who won Runner Up 3 and Best Advocacy for the representative of Central Lampung Regency, admitted that she was happy and proud to be able to enter the Grand Final of Muli Mekhanai Lampung 2020.

“Of course I’m proud of myself, who has been able to make my parents proud, proud relatives, proud friends and the name of the district is a pride that I have achieved through processes and struggles,” said Anggun.

For his achievements, Anggun will use this experience as motivation to serve in Lampung Province, helping to develop the tourism sector with a millennial style (tourism promotion). Also invites Lampung people and residents who are not Lampung ethnic, but live in Lampung to learn the Lampung language.

Anggun also expressed his gratitude to the Technocrat University campus. Because, several activities on campus that she participated in such as UKM Duta Teknocrat, UKM Archery and other activities made this student learn a lot about being responsible for carrying out tasks and managing time and learning many things, so that they can achieve achievements.

Vice Chancellor I of the Indonesian Technocrat University Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad SE, MM, was pleased that the students of the Technocrat University took part in various activities and competitions at the regional and national levels. The leadership fully supports student activities both in terms of moral and material.

For students who won the 2020 Muli Mekhanai Lampung election, Mahathir Muhammad advised that they really carry out their role as cultural delegates.

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