Student of Teknokrat The Best Private University in Sumatran Pass Certified Internships at PTPN VI Jambi

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  • 3 September

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Ericha Syaji Apriyani from the Management study program and Setio Anggit Febri Priyono from the Information Technology study program at the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia passed a certified internship at PTPN VI Jambi.

They are the results of the match up of the BUMN FHCI regarding the Batch 2 Certified Student Internship Program in 2021. Ericha said he was happy to be doing an internship at the BUMN. He hopes that what he will do during his internship can be useful for improving his abilities. It can also be useful for the company. Likewise with Setio. Like Ericha, she is also happy to join this internship program. Especially in a well-known BUMN in Indonesia.

Deputy Chancellor I of the Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia Dr. H Mahathir Muhammad SE MM welcomed the selection of two Technocrat students for a certified internship at PTPN VI Jambi. He said both of them deserved to qualify because they had reliable abilities. Both according to their study program are considered capable of optimally carrying out the internship period.

Mahathir explained that this certified internship program is indeed important to follow. Thankfully, these two Technocrat students were considered good, so they deserved an internship at PTPN VI. Mahathir wants both of them to practice their knowledge while studying during their internship. Both were asked to be optimal in undergoing the internship period. Also maintain the good name of the campus.

The benefits that will be felt, said Mahathir, will definitely be useful for both of them as well as for the campus. He wants the professional way of working in SOEs to be applied when they work. He also wants other students to gain knowledge on how to work in a BUMN. That way, Technocrat students have a professional thinking base. This will be useful when graduates are accepted for work or open their own jobs.