Extraordinary! Three Indonesian Technocrat University Teams Won National Eleven March Statistics Fair 2020

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  • 18 November

Bandarlampung, Teknocratnews – Another encouraging achievement was made by students of the Indonesian Technocrat University as one of the best private universities in Lampung.

In the Sebelas Maret Statistics Fair 2020 event at the National level organized by the Sebelas Maret University (UNS), three teams from the Indonesian Technocrat University won three winners at once. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place were won by the Technocrat University Team in the field of Statistics Infoghrapic Competition.

The success of the Technocrat University Team is extraordinary, because this national level competition was attended by 32 teams from 10 provinces and three teams from the Technocrat University won the championship.

Three teams from Technocrat University who won the championship include:
1st Place, Soul Math Team (S1 Mathematics Education Study Program) – Supervisor: Sugama Maskar, M.P.Mat. students consist of, Arieska Efendi (Class of 2018), Yuli Santika (Class of 2019).

2nd place, Muli Lampung Team (Bachelor of Mathematics Education Study Program – Supervisor: Nicky Dwi. P., M.Pd. Students: Tri Herlina (Class of 2019), and Ni Made Sukarani (Class of 2019).

3rd Place, Next Innovation Team (S1 Mathematics Education Study Program – Supervisor: Nicky Dwi. P., M.Pd, students: Intan Mauliya (Class of 2019), and Putri M. Asmara (Class of 2019).

In the top 10, the Indonesian Technocrat University team defeated several universities including: Dipenogoro University, Indonesian Islamic University (3 teams), Bandung Islamic University, Ten November Institute of Technology, and the Statistics Academy of Muhammadiyah Semarang.

Vice Chancellor I of the Indonesian Technocrat University Dr. H. Mahathir Muhamnad, SE, MM, was grateful that several national-level competitions participated by Indonesian Technocrats University students won. The campus always provides support to students who take part in activities or competitions at both regional and national levels. “I congratulate the students who have excelled and don’t be satisfied with their achievements. For students who have not achieved achievements, they should be even more active in learning,” said Mahathir.

According to Mahathir Muhammad, in addition to being disciplined in attending lectures on campus, students also need to be encouraged to take part in off-campus activities. The goal is to see and measure the abilities and strengths of other people on other campuses. In addition, it is also a provision for students when they enter the world of work.



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