The Best Campus in Lampung University of Teknocrats Indonesia Holds Webinar Betajuk Transportation of the Future of Bandar Lampung

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  • 23 November

Bandar Lampung, – Student of Civil Engineering, Technocrat University

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Indonesia, sebagai salah satu Perguruan Tinggi Swasta Terbaik di Lampung menggelar webinar bertajuk Transportasi Kota Bandar Lampung Masa Depan.

This webinar, which is held online regularly every month, is held by the Transportation Scientific Group (KK) for the Civil Engineering Study Program, with speakers Fera Lestari, ST., MT.

Vice Chancellor 1 Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad. SE., MM said, in general, the movement of transportation modes is used as a means of supporting facilities and infrastructure to facilitate people in mobility and logistics transportation.

“This webinar is here as a forum for the younger generation to express their ideas and ideas in dealing with the 5.0 Industrial Revolution, related to the transportation sector,” Mahathir concluded.