Collaborating with Indonesian Technocrat University, Lampung Police Personnel Participate in Information Technology and Computer Training

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  • 18 November

Bandarlampung, Teknokratnews – The Lampung Police cooperates with the Indonesian Technocrat University to train its members in Information and Computer Technology (ICT)

This training activity took place from November 9 to December 11, 2020, on the campus of Universitas Teknokat Indonesia, one of the best private universities in Lampung. The theme of the activity is “Optimizing the Capacity Building of the Indonesian National Police to Support Administrative Tasks”.

Waka Polda Lampung, Brigadier General of Police Drs. Subiyanto, opened Competency Improvement in the Field of Information Technology and Computers. Attending the Head of ICT Division of the Lampung Police, Police Commissioner Joko Sumarno, S.IK, MH, Deputy IV for Cooperation and General Affairs at the Indonesian Technocrat University Achmad Yudi Wahyudin, M.Pd.

A total of 25 members and civil servants of the Lampung Regional Police from various units participated in the Competency Improvement training in the field of Information Technology and Computers. The training is conducted 2 x meetings in 1 week (Monday and Thursday) with a duration of 120 minutes/meeting.

Lampung Deputy Chief of Police, Brigadier General of Police Drs. Subiyanto, hopes that the participants will take full advantage of this training activity with full concentration. Because all activities must be started with will, high spirit and full concentration. Waka Polda said, in today’s modern era, everything must be based on competence. Especially at this time, information technology is growing rapidly, so all members of both members of the National Police and PNS Polda are required to be able to adjust the progress of IT.

Therefore, Deputy Head of the Regional Police Brigadier General Pol Drs. Subiyanto asked the participants to take part in the ICT training properly. “Once again take advantage of this very short time. So that what is obtained from the Technocrat University campus can be properly applied in their respective work areas. So that it will foster leadership confidence in the performance of members,” said the Deputy Head of the Regional Police.

Meanwhile, the Vice Chancellor for Cooperation and General Affairs at the Indonesian Technocrat University Achmad Yudi Wahyudin, representing the Chancellor Dr. HM. Nasrullah Yusuf, said that the Indonesian Technocrat University has a vision to carry out excellent education, research and community service programs.

In responding to global challenges, said Achmad Yudi, Technocrat University always innovates in the field of information and communication technology to create tools and applications that are beneficial to society. Along with the need for the duties and responsibilities of the National Police, especially the Lampung Regional Police in serving the community, the use of technology is unavoidable. This Information and Communication Technology training is expected to assist the Lampung Regional Police’s task to improve services, especially in the field of digital multimedia-based information circulation.

Achmad Yudi continued, Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia as one of the best campuses in Lampung Province will continue to be a partner of the Lampung community in increasing digital literacy and competence which is very important in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era.