Print graduates with international standards, Indonesian Technocrat University agreed to collaborate with Gadjah Mada University

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  • 13 November

Indonesian Technocrat University as one of the private universities in Lampung

continue to be committed to maintaining the quality of its graduates. The Faculty of Letters and Education, Universitas Technocrats Indonesia, agreed to collaborate in the academic field with the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada. The signing of the Cooperation Agreement held at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences (26/2) was represented by the Dean of the Faculty of Letters and Education, Akhyar Rido, MA., Ph.D. and the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities Dr. Wening Udasmoro, M. Hum. DEA. The signing of the cooperation agreement was also witnessed by the Deputy Chancellor of Academic Affairs of UTI, Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. accompanied by the Deputy Dean for Academic and Student Affairs Dr. Nur Saktiningrum and Deputy Dean for Cooperation Dr. Agus Suwignyo Faculty of Cultural Sciences UGM.

Dean of FSIP, Akhyar Rido, MA., Ph.D. stated that this collaboration would increase the acceleration of the Faculty of Letters and Educational Sciences towards an international standard faculty. The four main points in the implementation of this collaboration are:

The credit transfer activity for English Literature students at FSIP UTI aims to provide opportunities for English Literature students at FSIP UTI to gain learning experiences, work on joint projects, cultural study opportunities, and student affairs in the English Literature Study Program FIB UGM which has been accredited A. This activity will be held in odd semesters. 2020/2021;

The curriculum review aims to obtain information, input, in the context of developing and updating the curriculum for the English Literature S1 Study Program FSIP UTI. This program will ensure the relevance of course content to the needs of the world of work, local, national and global industries in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, ahead of Society 5.0, and produce a curriculum formulation that is oriented towards the present and the future in order to obtain quality graduates;
Lecturer internship (sit-in) aims to study the lecture process carried out by lecturers of the English Literature S1 Study Program, FIB UGM; This program will serve as a reference, in order to produce quality lecture process standards which will also lead to graduates who are globally competitive; This program also prepares FSIP UTI lecturers for further study programs at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences UGM.

Improving the quality of institutions in the process of assisting the preparation of accreditation by national and international accreditation bodies. FIB UGM has agreed to become a partner of FSIP UTI in assisting the preparation of IAPS 4.0 accreditation for Study Program towards Accreditation A (Superior) and obtaining international accreditation from international higher education certification bodies. Dr. H. Mahathir Muhammad, SE., MM. stated that this collaboration will target superior accreditation for study programs within the Indonesian Technocrat University. “Universitas Teknocrat Indonesia wants to play a role in nation building by producing graduates who are globally competitive”. In addition, the selection of FCS UGM to be the Partner Campus of the Indonesian Technocrat University because currently UGM is ranked first in Indonesia and ranked 18th in Asia version 4 International College and University (4ICU) in 2020.